4 Night Camp Program

We do everything to assure each camper has the maximum opportunity for skill development. The coach-player ratio is typically one coach for nine players. Instruction is intensive and includes all phases of the game. The day is divided into six sessions. Two sessions are fundamental sessions. Two sessions allow the player to use the newly developed skills in game situations. The fifth session is devoted to one-on-one competition, emphasizing both shooting techniques and defensive skills. During the sixth session, videotapes are used, as well as lectures by the guest coaches.

Drop off/Pick up Times:

Check in time for all campers will be between 3-4pm on Sunday the week of their session. Camp will conclude at 4pm on Thursday, but we invite the parents to come early to watch the last games and also attend the BBQ and awards ceremony.

Thursday Schedule

  • Noon-2PM : Games/Lunch
  • 2PM-4PM : Games/Awards
  • 1PM – 4PM : Family BBQ

Daily Schedule of Events:

  • 8-9am            Breakfast
  • 9-10am          Fundamental Skills Session
  • 10-12pm        Games/Recreational play
  • 12-1pm          Lunch
  • 1-3pm            Fundamental Skills Session
  • 3-5pm            Games/Recreational play
  • 5-6:30pm        Dinner & Rest
  • 6:30-8pm        Evening Competition
  • 8-9pm            Lecture/Video
  • 9-9:30            Snack
  • 9:30               Lights Out

Shooting points of emphasis:

  • Feet position and body balance
  • Placement of shooting and balance hands
  • Teach exact upward thrust of ball
  • Shooter learns to use their natural shooting rhythm
  • Shooter learns to use proper leg power in the shot
  • Shooting both off the dribble and the pass
  • Concentration on the 3-point shot

Ball handling covers the following fundamentals:

  • Emphasis on dribbling skills
  • Being able to protect the ball in traffic
  • Delivery of the ball to teammates
  • Breakdown a defender with the dribble
  • Improve one’s confidence in handling the ball
  • Develop skills to enable the ball handler to see the whole court

Position play emphasizes the following:

  • Footwork-footwork-footwork
  • How to deliver and receive the ball on the court
  • Learn to take what the defense gives you
  • Develop confidence and patience with the ball around traffic
  • Break down Guard, Forward and Center play from both sides of the ball

Cost: $395